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The Church Bells Ring


Many people have inquired as to why the church bells have not been ringing for the past 8 months. Here is the update:


“Hands to work, Hearts to God”   Update  February 17, 2017……

The Facilities team is continuing its work toward completing the update and refurbishment of the clock and bell mechanism. Phil D’Avanza and Electric Time have teamed up to build and install the needed parts and mechanism to bring this community loved part of our church building into the 21st century.  The work will be started soon. We welcome any sponsors to help financially with this project.

Jean is happy to give a tour of the clock mechanism and bell areas of the steeple if you are interested.

Daylight hours are best.

Update March 27, 2017

The work on the bell and clock has started and the 50 lb hammer and mechanism that controlled it have been removed. The clock hands on the south face were removed, repaired, and replaced. They required a rebalancing as well.  The drive shafts to the 3 sets of clock hands have been replaced and the new movement that controls them has been installed. This is not easy work. The steeple is not heated, and for work on the clock faces , one must stand on a small step stool and work through an 18” hole.  This is an investment in our history and town tradition.   The Facilities and Finance  committees are accepting Sponsorships for the work being done. If you would like to contribute, please contact Jean Roche or Mike Foster. Recognition for exceptional donations will be noted on a plaque in the Narthex.

Update  May 16, 2017


Maybe not as loudly as before, the 40 pound hammer replaces a 50 pound hammer, but SHE RINGS!

The clocks are set, faces repainted and shimmering and all is well in the Bell Steeple.