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Reverend Bean’s “Century Sermon”



In 1773 the third pastor of the OCC, Rev. Joseph Bean delivered “A CENTURY—SERMON” for the occasion of the town of Wrentham celebrating 100 years since its founding. The sermon describes the challenges and the piety of those first Congregationalists to settle these shores in the wilderness and to create houses of faith. In an apt coincidence for our 325th Anniversary, the sermon reproduced in the same word for page ratio of the colonial print copy from 1774 came out to 32.5 pages! Over thirty volunteers read each page on Sunday March 26th, between 3 to 5pm and a fellowship supper followed. Pastor Ken made a “3 to 5 Pasta and Bean” soup to honor Rev. Bean.  The sermon took an hour to present, and, was quite sincere and touching in honoring our founding story for future generations !  The link below is the actual sermon and part of the OCC History.

Bean’s Century Sermon with Intro Page