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Here for you since 1692

January 2017

  • January 15th MLK Day Sunday Worship—highlight OCC Anti-Slavery Resolution of 1839

Excerpts of Rev. James anti-slavery sermon, legacy of building VA town for the newly free



  • Sunday February 12th Marjorie Kellner Day on her 37 anniversary February 6, 1980

We lift up highlights of her time with us and celebrate our music ministry at the OCC

We provide a celebration coffee hour with cake, ice cream and finger foods

MARCH 2017

  • Sunday March 26th We present Rev. Bean’s “Century Sermon” from 3 to 5 for our 325!
  • All ages will sign up to read as in a “vigil” style with mission fund raising component
  • Pot-Luck Supper at 5:00pm with “3 to 5 Bean Salad” contest judged by Pastor Ken

APRIL 2017  Anniversary of Gathering Month April 13, 1692

  • Sunday April 2, we highlight our first covenant & gathering story; cake at coffee hour

Unveil hymn tune “Wrentham” written at the OCC with new words by Pastor Ken for 325

If possible have proclamation, celebration moment with Sen. Ross presentation

  • Easter Sunday April 16, drive to invite 325 people to worship to celebrate our 325th Easter

If possible offer simple gift for every hundredth participant & person that brings in most guests

MAY 2017

  • Saturday May 6 at 5:00pm Annual Spring Concert & Supper for 325 Gala Event

Bell & Singing Choirs including invitations to Norfolk, Franklin, Foxboro churches

  • Sunday May 7 Confirmation Sunday, youth offer a OCC Past Present and Future message
  • Sunday May 7 at 3:00pm OCC hosts the Central Association Annual Meeting
  • Sunday May 14 Mother’s Day, special period musical guest Classical Harp Emma Newton
  • Monday May 29th Wrentham Memorial Parade, have tasteful OCC parade presence

JUNE 2017

  • Sunday Worship June 4 Rev. Elisha Fisk Day, celebrating his 50 years & present sanctuary
  • Preach a Rev. Fisk sermon, Coffee hour repeats his jubilee cake: “50 Years, Yet Beloved!”
  • Sunday Worship June 25, Marjorie Kellner’s farewell day, events to follow worship

SEPTEMBER 2017  Wrentham Day

  • Wrentham Day 325 happy handshakes with the Pastor “Colonial Ken” PK into the Dunk Tank

We distribute free pens, prayer cards, church flyer, and simple kid friendly gifts like bubbles


  • Fall Back Minister Day celebrating Rev. Schafer poetry and Rev. Lionel Whiston books


  • Thanksgiving Sunday as Pilgrim & Puritan “Throwback Uniform” Day in Sunday Worship


  • Look Ahead Day in Advent, celebrating the ministry with 3 to 5 goals for the OCC future!