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Dear Members and Friends of the Original Congregational Church,

This year we are asked to consider “WHAT SHALL WE BRING”?  Love, word, deed, and caring – they are the foundation of our church.  1 John 4:11 “Beloved, since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another.”  While we all take individual journeys, the love we share in our Church community brings us together in a common goal.

We have showed our support through many ongoing programs – Zimbabwe care packages, the prison books program, community music events, confirmation classes, special services throughout the year, church school, and vacation bible school to name a few. We also welcome our new Director of Music, Teddy Cetto and our new Director of Children’s Ministries, Melissa Boucher, who join our Bell Director, Martha Goodman and our leader Pastor Ken who positively enrich all of these programs.  Whatever we “Bring” is our contribution toward shaping the world around us.

Pledge season is the time we remind ourselves of the countless good works of the Church and how we can be a part of them. The annual stewardship drive is designed to allow the church to plan a practical budget based on pledges to support the ongoing work of the Church.   Whatever you give in terms of support and personal involvement supporting the Church will be gratefully received.  Follow your goals, and it will be returned to you as a blessing.  The rewards last all year.

We ask that you fill out and return the enclosed pledge form to the Church office by October 19.  Note the automatic bank transfer option.   Pledge Form 2019.  We plan a Celebration Sunday on November 18 to bless our pledges to the service of God.

Thank you for being part of our church family and bringing your gifts,

The Stewardship Committee of the Original Congregational Church

Bob Boissy, Tom Boynton, Jen Chace, Jerry Long