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Thanksgiving Pies


Need a pie for Thanksgiving? Let our pie bakers do the work (baking) for you. We will be making 9″ pies and freezing them uncooked so that you can bake them yourselves for a freshly baked pie.
The following uncooked pies will be available for $12.00 a pie:
Blueberry      Apple      Apple Crumb      Mince

We will also be offering the following cooked pies:
5″ and 9″ Pumpkin- $5.00/$12.00      5″ and 9″ Pecan- $6.00/$15.00

Pre-paid orders begin November 4th by e-mail at, all orders in by November 7th.
Pick up will be on November 20th in Fellowship Hall at noon.
We will be making a limited number of pies so please get your order in early.

We will still be making pies for the Fair on December 1st. At that time we will be offering 5″ and 9″ pies.