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Daily Prayers for the OCC

Daily Prayers for the OCC April 2017

325 for our 325th Anniversary Year!

On April 13, 1692, ten residents of Wrentham, who had been worshipping together for nearly twenty-five years, officially organized the Church of Christ in Wrentham and ordained Samuel Man as the first minister. Three hundred and twenty-five years later our church continues to be a caring community of faith and prayer welcoming all to worship in the Spirit of love and togetherness.  To celebrate the gift of service, we offer to you a daily devotional.  Our goal is to share 325 daily prayers marking our 325 years.  As of Mid-April of this year, we have prepared over 275 daily devotions.  May you find renewal in the Spring-time faith of our Lord!



Friday May 19, 2017. Prayer 302. Turn Back The Dial

The story of King Hezekiah is about a righteous King who kept the faith and then when taken seriously ill, prayed to God to remember his faithfulness and that he did what was right. The word of the Lord comes to the prophet Isaiah who tells the king that God has heard his prayer and will add fifteen years to his life.  This gives Hezekiah the opportunity to make amends and to settle his soul before his time comes.  In Isaiah 38:8 we hear the prophet speak for the Lord saying, “Behold, I will make the shadow cast by the declining sun on the dial of Ahaz turn back ten steps.”  God turned back the clock on Hezekiah.  We know we can’t turn back the clock on our lives to relive a former glory or to undo a former un-glorious act we committed.  But, we can take full opportunity to be righteous now even as the light declines on the dial.

Dear God, let me live as if I had been given an extra fifteen years so that my days under the sun are on point. Amen.


Monday May 22, 2017. Prayer 303. Delight In The Law

To take delight in something is to be attracted, charmed, and taken up by beauty. In Psalm 1:2 we read that the one who walks by good counsel, stands with the ethical, and for whom scoffing does not sit well, is one whose “delight is in the law of the Lord.”  It’s good to remember that the law is never a given.  Institutions that are created to support the law need people who are dedicated to good counsel, ethical standards, and do not hurt others with their words.

Dear God, may every day bring me to delight in your ways and keep your ethics as my daily companion. Amen.


Tuesday May 23, 2017. Prayer 304. Delight Yourself In The Lord

There is much to worry about these days. You may watch the news and see global conflicts, economic woes, and intractable hunger, poverty and disease.  How can we “delight ourselves in the Lord” as Psalm 37:4 instructs?  Each heart is filled with desire.  Which ones do we commit ourselves to?  Do justice and God will bring forth the right.

Dear God, may I do justice to my hopes and dreams by sharing in your hopes and dreams for the world. Amen.


Wednesday May 24, 2017. Prayer 305. You Delight In My Inner Truth

Each of us carries an inner truth. Only you have experienced others and this world from the point of view of one standing in your shoes.  Are you true to yourself?  Psalm 51:6 says that God “delights in truth in the inward being,” teaching us the wisdom of our secret heart.  The way to a new spirit is to tell yourself and others the truth.

Dear God, help me always to be truthful to my inner being. Let me not forsake what I know is true to you.  Amen.


Thursday May 25, 2017. Prayer 306. You Will Delight In Right Sacrifices

For most of us, we have a built in truth meter. When you are interacting with someone who is trying to explain to you what they did was so great and you know it’s not, you can’t help but to hesitate accepting what they said.  God doesn’t need sacrifices that are for a big show, nor that are only self-directed.  If you have a broken heart, that’s a start.

Dear God, when my heart is broken open, let me not turn away from you and others, but lean towards love. Amen.


Friday May 26, 2017. Prayer 307. For I Delight In It

It’s good to be charmed by the right path. When we follow in the way of the Lord we will encounter integrity.  All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness.  Psalm 119:35 has us pray, “Lead me in the path of your commandments, for I delight in it.”  Worshipping God and honoring other’s well-being does not protect us from hatred and violence, affliction and distress.  Listening to God’s instructions tells us what to do when we encounter bad days.

Dear God, let me meditate on your word for me today with love and attention. My delight is in your delight.  Amen.