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Daily Devotions

Daily Prayers for the OCC  2018   



Top Ten Mentioned Names in the Holy Bible


Wednesday July 25, 2018. Prayer 613. Abraham, Number 10

An early figure in the Holy Bible and central to the faiths of billions of people on the earth today is Abraham who appears 294 times. The Hebrew name Abraham means “Father of Many” and “Father is Exalted.”  Living 18-16 Centuries before Christ.  In Genesis 17:1 we first see the Lord calling out to Abraham, “Walk before me, and be blameless, that I may make my covenant between me and you and will multiply you greatly.”  His response we are told is that he, “fell on his face.”  He was 99 years old at the time.  99 is the new 19.

Dear God, never stop calling upon me to accomplish great things with my life that others may thrive. Amen.


Thursday July 26, 2018. Prayer 614. Aaron, Number 9

Fourteen centuries before Christ, God appears to Moses in the Burning Bush and with him comes his older brother named Aaron. Appearing 342 times in the Bible, Aaron’s name means “High Mountain” and “Exalted.”  In Exodus 4:14 we see Moses telling the Lord that he can’t speak well and to send someone else.  The Lord has Moses welcome his brother to do the speaking for him and Aaron is “glad in his heart.”  Aaron joins Moses in leading the people from bondage to new life in the Promised Land.  He is considered the first High Priest.

Dear God, when my words are not enough, let me welcome the one who speaks of you with gladness. Amen.


Friday July 27, 2018. Prayer 615. Saul, Number 8

The Hebrew name Saul means “Ask of” and “Inquired of the Lord.” God asked much from Saul to be the King over the united tribes of Israel.  Born 1076 years before Christ, Saul’s name appears 362 times.  Arriving on the scene in 1 Samuel 9:2, Saul is described this way, “There was not a man among the people more handsome than he.”  His rule was marked by mistakes.  He rebelled against God, overstepped his authority in the Temple, and was jealous of David.  When he lost three sons in battle he took his own life.  His was a heavy call.

Dear God, when my life demands more of me than I can bear, grant me to receive your angels of mercy. Amen.


Monday July 30, 2018. Prayer 616. Jacob, Number 7

Jacob was born holding his brother Esau’s heel and so his name means, “the heel of the foot” in Genesis 25:26. Appearing 363 times, Jacob is greatly remembered for being set up by his mother Rebekah to steal his brother’s inheritance from his father Isaac.  He ran away in fear for his life.  To get back home, Jacob wrestles with God in the night and receives the blessing of a new name, “Israel” which means “He struggles with God” and “May God prevail.”  He forever walked with a limp.  And his name forever identifies his people.

Dear God, many is the night I struggle in prayer. Though I may walk differently, may I walk with you. Amen.


Tuesday July 31, 2018. Prayer 617. Moses, Number 6

Moses, living 13 centuries before Christ, was the leader, the lawgiver, and the one who spoke to the Lord and showed the people how to live by faith through the Ten Commandments. He carried the people forward from being slaves to living free in a Promised Land overflowing with milk and honey.  Moses is mentioned 803 times in the Bible.  In Exodus 2:10 we are told as a child he was taken in by the Pharaoh’s daughter and named “Moses” because she “drew him out of the water.”  Through Moses, God draws the people up to a new life.

Dear God, we live in impossible times. Draw us up from the swirling chaos and grant us new life. Amen.


Wednesday August 1, 2018. Prayer 618. Judah, Number 5

The Hebrew baby name Judah means “The Praised One” given by his mother in Genesis 29:35. In the Bible, the fourth son of Jacob and Leah is the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Judah and a direct ancestor of Jesus of Nazareth.  The name appears 819 times in the Bible.  Judah settled his tribe south of Jerusalem which became so significant as a nation his name represents both the people and their land.  Judah had strength, character, and determination.  The lion is Judah’s symbol.  In a dangerous world, Judah perseveres by faith in God.

Dear God, in uncertain times, may praise become my response, my responsibility, and my security. Amen.


Thursday August 2, 2018. Prayer 619. David, Number 4

King David reigned 1,000 years before Christ. In Hebrew his means “Beloved” and “Friend.”  A pivotal life, turned from singer, songwriter, sheep herder to slayer of Goliath and ascending to the throne of a powerful empire, David’s name appears over 970 times in the Bible.  In 1 Samuel 16:13 he is anointed “And the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David.” His life was lived far from perfection.  His legacy is marked by both a united empire and a divided family. His Psalms continue to lead us, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

Dear God, I am far from who I want to be, yet always your beloved. Lead me to want what you want. Amen.


Friday August 3, 2018. Prayer 620. Jesus, Number 3

Jesus is mentioned 1,281 times in the Holy Bible. His Hebrew name “Yeshua” means “Yah is Salvation” or “God Saves.” In Matthew 1:21 an angel appears to Joseph in a dream and tells him not to fear to take Mary as his wife who shall bear a son, “and you shall call his name Jesus for he will save his people from their sins.”  An Hebrew term for sin “hata” means “to go astray.”  Jesus’ life and ministry as recorded in the Gospels reveals a life lived entirely centered on receiving and doing God’s will.  God’s will is that no one becomes lost.

Dear God, it is easy to lose faith in a world that takes away peace. Save me from going astray.  Amen.


Monday August 6, 2018. Prayer 621. God, Number 2

In Hebrew the word “Elohim” refers to “Deities” or “God.” The sound “El” has its origins in saying “Creator God” and “To be Strong” or “To be in Front.”  In English, the word “God” is derived from a pre-Germanic word that means “To Call” or “To Invoke.”  According to Strong’s Concordance the term “God” appears 4,473 times in the Bible.  The first is in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth.”  Right from the beginning God was above the formless void and called chaos into order.  The invocation continues.

Dear God, call on me from a higher place that I may be strengthened to create in the midst of chaos. Amen.


Tuesday August 7, 2018. Prayer 622. Lord, Number 1

The Lord’s name, like the Lord, is big. In Exodus the personal divine name is revealed to Moses as “I Will Be What I Will Be.”  “Yahweh” being so holy, was considered too sacred to be uttered and so the Hebrew word “Adonai” meaning “Lord” was used or “Elohim” which was recognized by wider cultures as “God.”  In English the term “Lord” is from the Old English “Hlaford” meaning “Loaf Ward” or “Bread Keeper.”  Appearing 6,671 times in the Bible, the Lord is literally the “Bread of Life” which keeps coming from heaven forever.

Dear Lord, keep me ever in your care. Grant me my daily bread.  Forgive me.  Watch over me forever. Amen.