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Lenten Season Dates




Ash Wednesday service is Wednesday, February 26th, 7:30pm in the Chapel
Get your Hallelujahs in before Lent!

More worship and music…

LET’S FILL THE CHAPEL! Forty fills the place, with 10 in the choir, we only need another 30 to attend the upcoming Ash Wednesday service. Marti Gras is over. It’s time to walk the Lenten road to Calvary. Help the OCC mark this important liturgical holiday with our, once per year, worship in the Chapel. The Saintly Roll will be called, an in memoriam litany, pealed with bells and harp. Let’s fill the Chapel!

Maundy Thursday service is Thursday, April 9th , 7:30pm

Good Friday is Friday, April 10th

Easter Services begin with Sunrise service at 6:00am and Worship Service at 10:00am