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A Letter from the Pastor

Dear Friends,
Grace and Peace to you!
During this time of social distancing in response to the coronavirus our regular ways of being the church together are very different. We want everyone to be as healthy and safe as possible. And, thanks to email and social media we can remain in contact.

Please feel free to call me anytime at 508-446-1704 or you may also send a text to that number. Also, you may send me messages by email to or

For church business Donna is able to monitor the church office phone voicemail and emails regularly.

Look on the webpage and facebook account for updates on the church schedule. For now, we are observing the non-gathering recommendations from local, state, and federal authorities.

In this time apart, I encourage us to think about it as a sabbatical rest. Observing Sabbath is giving rest to our bodies, minds, and spirits on a routine basis to draw closer to God. We take a rest from our regular work and school life and focus on family relationships and private prayer. As the weather warms, it is a great invitation to enjoy being outside in God’s Creation.

As the days go by, I will be frequently posting more and more things online. Right now we have new daily devotions each day that I compose fresh just for you! Our weekly Bible Study class will be posted as a guideline for your own personal meditations with scripture. And, each Sunday we will post a sermon and prayer for your Sunday Sabbath observance.

In exciting news, Teddy and Donna and I are creatively working towards posting music and message videos to be used to enhance your worship experience.

In the meantime, please call and email each other. Please call me with any pastoral concerns. Let us know if someone needs something that our volunteers could deliver for you. And, most importantly, remain hopeful, steadfast and encouraged by the Spirit. I am fully convinced that this time will lead the OCC to become closer, stronger, and more effectively able to communicate our faith message going into the future.

May God bless you and our world with love, hope, healing, protection and peace.
Pastor Ken
March 18, 2020