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Bible Study March 24th


Due to our practice of social distancing during this time, we are not gathering for our weekly Bible Study Class, and are offering to you these guided reflection questions for your private meditations with God’s Word. Enjoy.


For those who would like suggestions for meditation questions with the Scripture, this week’s Bible Study is on Psalm 84.
When practicing drawing apart from each other, why not draw nearer to God through reading our ancient texts?

Bible Study Helps—Psalm 84 “A Psalm of Zion” posted March 24, 2020

Settle yourself into a quiet place to pray and meditate.
Be in silence for a minute or longer if you wish.
Read Psalm 84 three times.
Continue with silent time.
Read the Context and Reflect on the Questions.

Psalm 84 is considered a “Zion Song.” It was likely written when the people’s long exile in Babylon was over in 539 B.C. and returned home. Zion refers specifically to the hill in Jerusalem in which the grand city of David was built and was home to the worship center, the Temple. Generally Zion refers to all the people of God. This song was composed when the people were far away from where they wanted to be before the Temple was restored. They were cut off from their ordinary routine and daily life. Singing this song centered their hearts and minds, creating a re-orientation for their new future. Like the stages of grief, it is moving the people from denial, anger and bargaining towards acceptance and integration of their new life in a new time. Psalm 84 is a song of hope in a time the people were traveling towards restoration of their faith and their faith home. It describes the presence of God. At the top you will see it is addressed to “The Choirmaster” as a song to sing, according to “The Gitiith” which is thought to be a worship book, and is attributed to “The Sons of Korah” who were doorkeepers in the Temple, sang the songs, and handled the offering plates. I selected this psalm for today because with our staying at home practices to slow the spread of the virus, we are all dreaming of going back to church like we used to!

Describe what is lovely in the world that is to you, where God lives.

What element of worship or being in church makes you faint, brings tears, or fills you with joy?

These are nervous, life re-ordering times. What do you love about your home? What “nesting” are you doing?

Describe the “altar” of you home. How can you make your living space a dwelling space for God?

Everyone in your house is blessed including you. Write down five praises of all those in your house.

You are blessed with the strength of everyone in your heart. Name people in your soul that strengthen you.

Think of your faith journey. Who led you to where you’ve been? Who set you on “the highway to God?”

Describe beautiful places in nature that you have visited and remind you of God’s beauty in worship.

What are your prayers for strength today and what you would like God to shield us from?

Dream about what it is like to be in church, who do you see, what do hear, how do you feel?

O Lord of Hosts, Leader of Worship, Builder and Set Designer of the Church, blessed are the ones who trust in you. Do not withhold any good thing from your people. Let us behold your beauty in the world today. Amen.