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A Letter from the Pastor, October 4, 2020



To The Original Congregational Church
I Am With You In Times of Affliction

Dear Friends,
In hard times we rely on faith to see us through. Psalm 91 is a song of protection. God is our refuge in a time of sickness. We are bold to pray, “Because God is our refuge, our dwelling place in the heights, no disease will come near our tent, the Holy One will command angels to guard you on all your paths.”


Those angels are messengers of public health and safety, and spiritual uplift and support. We are thankful for everyone who is working so hard to see us through COVID-19.
Here at the OCC we continue with our weekly Sunday morning outdoor in-person live worship services at 10:00am. Our plan is to hold these weather permitting. In coming weeks we may shift the seating to the front of the Whiston House to take advantage of the sun.
Last week our Worship Team has advanced our planning for our return to indoor live in-person worship in our Sanctuary for the winter months. This will require important protective measures such as face covering, social distancing, pre-set spaces for seating, and limiting numbers of attendees. We are currently looking at the possibility of offering more than one service time to accommodate these requirements. Please pray for us as our plans come together.
With thanks to our Stewardship Team, our annual fall stewardship drive for 2021 has begun and we are celebrating our church life as we speak of the themes of our Love of Creation, of Neighbor, of Children, and Church Family. These are challenging times. Your thoughtful giving is what makes our ministry happen. Thank you for your support. Together, we will join God in the Spirit to guide us to keep on worshipping and caring as best we can as the OCC!
In worship we are celebrating the gift of our children with the Sacrament of Baptism for Jaiden Shepard and Julien Harper. The gift of new life makes our faith family joyful!
You may also have recently seen our announcement about our annual Holiday Fair. Due to COVID-19 and the amount of preparation that goes into hosting our annual event, it is best to take this year off. While this is a heartbreak, we look forward to our next opportunity.
And lastly, we are always looking again to update our current information to strengthen our communications with you all. Please RSVP and let us know, do you like to receive these emails, do you want to receive OCC communication by mail? And, we are looking to update our next of kin, family member phone contacts so we can better serve your pastoral needs in times of emergency. Please let us know how we can best keep connected with you!
May God, who is our refuge and our protector, keep you safe from all harm, encouraged by the Spirit, and filled with the joy and hope of faith.
With Love,
Pastor Ken