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Bible Study



Mark 9:2-9
February 9, 2021





On the last week of the season of Epiphany we read the story of the transfiguration of Jesus.  The root words of transfigure mean “beyond form” and we use the term to mean “change the appearance of” or in faith terms “to experience an “exalting, glorifying, or spiritual change.”  In the story from Mark 9:2-9 Jesus is transfigured into a dazzling white in the presence of three of his disciples on a mountaintop.  On the last Sunday after Epiphany, we are asked to meditate on the awesome power and wonder of who Jesus is when his own appearance before his companions suddenly reveals him to be the person of God in Jesus Christ, while also a child of Joseph and Mary raised in Nazareth.  The story, as told in Mark, gives us a glimpse of the true glory of God.

Please read Mark 9:2-9 “The Transfiguration of Jesus”

Jesus takes three disciples with him up a high mountain apart. Where is your favorite place to rest and pray?
How important is it to take time apart from all your usual tasks and duties to remain in touch with God?</
Can you recall a time that you climbed a mountain?  What sets that place apart from the world down below?
Beyond the tree line, the mountain top opens up and the sunlight is brighter. Does that make it harder to see?
Big moments happen on mountains: Noah’s ark lands, Moses gets the Ten Commandments, Elijah hides.

Jesus’ clothes become a dazzling white such as no one on earth could bleach them. What does white signify?
Is Jesus showing the holy otherness of purity and light?  Or is he in a martyrs robe ready for sacrifice?
Mark tells us Jesus was transfigured before the others.  How are we transfigured before others in time?
Appearing with the transfigured Jesus was Moses and Elijah. Who are the “giants” in your faith formation?/
Moses is the deliverer who liberates the people and teaches them in the wilderness how to live Godly lives.
Elijah the prophet saved the people of God from the religion of Baal. He learned to trust God completely.
In Jesus’ day the people had long awaited the return of Elijah to restore. Had he come and was missed?
Moses doesn’t get to enter the Promised Land. Elijah is taken into heaven on a chariot of fire. Why is that?
When Jesus is talking with Moses and Elijah, is that similar to when we read and discuss Bible stories?
Peter tries to make three dwellings for Moses, Elijah and Jesus. How do we try to keep God in a structure?
Mark tells us Peter didn’t know what to say for he was terrified. When have we been speechless in our life?
A cloud overshadows them just like God following Moses’ camp.  What about faith is unclear, unseen?
When they can’t see, they hear a voice, “This is my Beloved. Listen to him.” How do we listen to Jesus?
Can you describe a moment that you really were convinced God was informing your soul? Did it change you?
On the way down the mountain Jesus asks them not to tell others about it until after he was raised. Why?
How does the timing of a faith experience impact a person’s development? Do they end, or are they lifelong?
The disciples were witness to the full glory of God. Soon there would be great suffering. Are they connected?
Churches are criticized for not being everything a person wants it to be. Can we ever capture God’s glory?
Can we recognize where Christ is when everything is going well and we are in a strong place?
Can we recognize where Christ is when everything is going wrong and we are in a vulnerable place?
Can you recall times of your own transfiguration, whether physical, mental, social, or spiritual or all?
How can we reconcile Jesus “transfigured” and Jesus the “dusty dirty” street healer and preacher?
The way of God is to descend from on high to the lowest. How does God end up with the fate of criminals?
Is it true that at your lowest and worst moment you might then be free enough to see the way forward?

Dear God, you have asked us to listen to you Beloved. Strengthen us in your words of love and faith. Amen.