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Genesis 9:8-17
April 13, 2021

On the third week of April we celebrate Earth Day. In the context of faith, our relationship to the earth is about our relationship with God which brings great responsibility. In the Hebrew Scriptures the earth is described as belonging to the Lord and therefore is holy and to be treated with reverence for the Author of all life. The first book of the Holy Bible, Genesis, tells the story of origins. God establishes the earth, salvation, judgement and mercy, in the midst of human rebellion and sin. The story of Noah’s Ark includes the story of human families and animal families that love and fight, doubt and believe, fall away and follow, struggle to thrive and survive, are fruitful and multiply, experience sin and grace, and in all things are parts of God’s world. God is primary in all things, not secondary. A relationship develops around the term covenant, God and people coming together.

TEXT   Please read Genesis 9:8-17 “God’s Covenant with Noah and All the Earth”

The story of Noah’s Ark is a great way to introduce children to the Bible. What parts of the story do you love?
When you look at the world today with all its violence and evil behavior are we the same as in Noah’s time?
It says that “God was sorry” for the world that God made and decides to destroy it. Is that child-like?
The name “Noah” means “rest” and “comfort.” How does Noah provide comfort to people and animals?
Noah was seen as a good person who “walked with God.” Are people mostly, somewhat, or not good today?
If God asked you to build an ark would you do it? What kind of ark is God asking us to build today?
Do you wish you could talk to God like Noah does as if your prayers were an audible conversation?
The ark is meant to preserve life by stocking up on food and include all creatures. Are we still doing this?
Is there a moral imperative created between God and Noah of a righteous person’s relationship with nature?
To ask the same question again, do we have a precedent to put our life on hold to save the planet?
Have you ever made a decision to put your life second to the well-being of others or life on the planet?
Animals have a profound impact on our physical and spiritual existence. How are we doing with animals?
When have you ever been “in an ark of safety” during a tumultuous time of life? Who was your Noah?
Noah is successful in comforting creation. Is it discomforting to know that God once destroyed the earth?
Are we comforted and at rest with God’s promise to “never again destroy the earth with a flood?”
In what ways does the earth and animals suffer death because of human sins? In what ways are they saved?
Imagine beautiful rainbows that you have experienced. Do they bring comfort to your soul after a storm?
I have seen a double and triple and non-circular rainbows. Does that mean God is double blessing us?
We can understand rainbows as sunlight as seen through water droplets. Does that reduce God’s promise?
Is a rainbow a giant “Post-it” note that God puts up to be reminded of the covenant? Or is it our reminder?
God’s covenant with Noah is actually God’s “eternal covenant” with “every living thing.” Is it holding up?
There are more covenants to come. Does the covenant with Abraham, Moses and Jesus change things?
After returning to life on land Noah plants a vineyard and has substance abuse issues. Did Noah have PTSD?
Imagine having to select specific people and animals to save. How do we feel about being in leadership?
If you could have left an earth creature off the manifest which one comes to mind? What would happen?
The story tells us all the world was populated by Noah’s three sons. Does that mean we are all related?
If we are all brothers and sisters of the righteous Noah who walked in integrity with God, what happened?
The sign of the rainbow has new meanings in our contemporary social landscape. Are we a safe space?
Noah accomplished rest and comfort for a weary world by listening to God’s directions. Can we also?

Gracious God, grant us your directions to build arks that lift life above trouble and return us to rest. Amen.

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