Stewardship Letter to the OCC

Three Great Loves, Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, Love of Creation are expressed in many ways throughout our Lives. We express Love for our families, our teachers, our mentors, our work, our play, our communities, our beliefs and our Religion. Love is unlimited in its ability to expand.
A great example of this was put into words by our sixth Pastor of the OCC, Rev. Horace James. On Thanksgiving Day 1846, he gave this dynamic sermon on anti–slavery, sixteen years before the Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Abraham Lincoln.

“What occasion can be more suitable for a remembrance of the wrongs of the American Slaves, and of our duties to them, than this day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God,-this social New England festival,-this blessed season set apart and sacredly devoted to the domestic affections, and to all the tenderest, sweetest sympathies of life? Nor is the minister of the Gospel justly chargeable with going out of his reckoning who lifts up his voice today in behalf of enslaved millions, even though he touch on politics, and venture to assert that parties and administrations have done grievous wrong. It is the opinion of many cautious and sagacious men that the institution of slavery would continue but a limited period were the power of the Christian religion brought to bear directly against it. It is of itself so intrinsically wicked, and every natural result of it is so horrible that it would fall of its own weight were the props which sustain it but taken away.” One hundred and seventy four years have passed since that sermon. Much has been done, much more still to do. Today’s problems will also be solved if faced with Love of our Neighbor, Love of our Children, and Love of Creation in our decisions. With Love we can, and have changed the world but it must be for all mankind.
Your OCC has been in the forefront of serving Local, National and International needs for many years, with your Love and support it will continue.

The Stewardship Committee: Tom Boynton, Jen Chace, Lesley Whittemore, Jerry Long

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