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Sunday February 23rd
Transfiguration/Music Sunday
10am Worship Service
11am Fellowship Hour

EXODUS 24:12-19 “On the Mountain With God”
REVELATION 5:12 “Worthy is the Lamb”

SERMON: “Glory be to God”
Our Lessons to consider in light of God’s Word

All music for Sunday’s worship is by George Frederick Handel (1685-1759),
and are excerpts from Messiah, (with the exceptions of the prelude and postlude).
The Oratorio, Messiah, is in three parts:
1. Christmas (the most famous section);
2. The Passion (the Hallelujah chorus is the last number);
3. The Resurrection (where today’s music is from).

We would like to thank our guest musicians for adding to our Music Sunday.
They are: Lorri Cetto, soprano; Brinda Ventakaraman, vioin I; Ryan Darcey, violin II; Scott Halligan, violoncello, Ron Christiansen, trumpet I and Tim MacDonald, trumpet II.
Also, great thanks to our Choir and Director!