How do we create “community”?

By being a part of it!!!!!

Attend an event. Tell your friends & neighbors. Donate supplies and materials for events. Suggest an idea for an event or group. Donate your time. Donate your talent.

Help us build the O.C.C. into a welcoming faith center for all!!!!!

Upcoming Events:

July 21- Church Cookout 4-6 PM

August 26- CKC Registration Carnival

September 7- Wrentham Day

September 8- CKC Registration Carnival

September 13- SCARY Bingo 6-8 PM

October 9- College 101 Seminar 6-8 PM

October 27- Harvest Day 11-1 PM

November 9- Veterans Day Breakfast 10-Noon

November 16- Church Fair

December 8- Christmas Concert and Reception

Ideas that are brewing:

Puzzle Night

Wreath Making night

Craft day-come make your crafts for the Craft table at the Fair

Chess and Cribbage clubs

Game night

Paint class

Knit and Crochet clubs

Christmas gift making day for children


Email me at, or speak to me after Service on Sunday!

Any ideas are welcome!!!

Want to run a group or event? Just let me know!!!

“We will never change the world by going to church.

We will only change the world by BEING the church!” Anonymous

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