Pastoral Letter


December 7, 2022

Beloved in Christ,

Grace and Peace to you.  In Matthew 1:21 we hear the Angel Gabriel say to Joseph in a dream, that “Mary will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save the people from their sins.”  Jesus’ name means, “God Saves.”

Christmas is the story of how the Lord saves the people through the grace of a child.  What does a newborn mean to newly made parents?  Amazement, wonder, gratitude, concern, care, worry, uncertainty.  These are all the stuff of boldly walking by faith into a new future.  We join in prayer for the peace of the world this Christmas.

Please join us for our special services.  On Sunday, December 18th at 10:00am for the Fourth Sunday in Advent, we offer a service of Advent Readings and Handbell Music.  On Saturday, for Christmas Eve, we offer a 5:00pm service telling the story of the birth of Jesus with Christmas Carols and Refreshments for all in the Fellowship Hall.    And, at 10:00pm we offer a service with Lessons and Carols, beautiful choral music and Holy Communion.  On Christmas Day, for 10:00am worship, we will have a light service with more carols and Christmas Day prayers.

Our special Christmas Offering this year will benefit the Wrentham Food Pantry, The Christmas Fund and The World Central Kitchen.  Please write in the memo section Christmas Offering 2022 .  Thank you for your thoughtful generosity for those in need.

May the Lord grant you and your loved ones a healing presence this Christmas Season and may the world rejoice in the gracious gift of Jesus’ saving grace and everlasting peace.

Pastor Ken