UKRAINE SUPPORT … It seems realistic that the war in Ukraine will be with us for quite a while into this year. Thankfully, we have identified several ways we can support the Ukrainian people as they struggle to maintain their homeland.

The Outreach Team has chosen the IRC (International Rescue Committee) to receive our “Ukraine Relief” donations. An initial donation of $2000 was sent to them in March. The IRC has been helping displaced people for the past 90 years. Their work began in Germany as German citizens began to flee the tyranny of Adolf Hitler. Since then, they have responded by helping people affected by humanitarian crises to survive, recover and rebuild their lives.  The IRC has stood with people in some of the toughest places on Earth, including Yemen, Syria and Somalia.

We will continue to accept donations from the congregation as long as the need is there. Checks can be made out to the Original Congregational Church, with Ukraine Relief Fund written in the memo.


Local Afghan Relief Effort in Worcester

Keeping up with our state’s humanitarian response to the Afghan Refugee crisis, we have learned the organization WARM (Welcoming Alliance for Refugee Ministry) of Worcester (info@warmwelcoming.org )  is hard at work making a huge difference for locally relocated Afghan families. Partnering with Hope for Worcester and Living Word Church they have seized the opportunity to provide love and care through their work efforts.

On Saturday February 5th, they prepared apartments for two Afghan families. Meeting together they cleaned, moved furniture and decorated the living spaces. On Wednesday the 9th, donations of food and clothing were collected at the Living Word Church, in hopes of meeting as many needs as possible of resettling refugees.

We were able to quickly gather warm wear on short notice for Drop Off on the 9th. A big thank you for such a quick response!

In order to prepare for another Drive Off date in the future, we would like to begin collections now. A box or two will be placed in the Fellowship Hall designating specific items needed for the cultural preferences of Afghan families. Please consider adding to this collection over the next weeks.

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