Pastoral Letter

Pastor Ken

Weekly Pastoral Letter for June 2, 2021

Beloved Friends in Faith,

Grace and Peace to you.  I hope you are enjoying both the nice spring weather and the benefits of this new time with the Commonwealth lifting many of the restrictions we have been observing due to COVID-19 over this past year.

Here at the OCC we too are moving into a new phase of transitioning into more activities with a stronger sense of confidence in gathering together.  We hope and we look forward to having even more of our church friends and families return to our regular worship and fellowship events soon.

Our plan is to continue to host our 10:00am Sunday Worship Services through June outside, in-person, under the sugar maple as weather permits.  Chairs are available.  Please wear comfortable clothing and hats based on conditions.  This Sunday, June 6, we will share in Holy Communion with the distribution of the elements of bread and the cup for the first time.  Our servers will bring you individually pre-packed wheat wafers and juice which gives us a high level of flexibility in out-door preparations.  Singing and Handbells have returned for our worship.  Masking mandates have been lifted.  We are thrilled to see more and more of our friends each week.  As time and technology allow, we will continue to strive to live-stream the worship on YouTube.  Simply go to the OCC Website and click on “Online Worship” and the link will bring you right to it.

Last week we had coffee hour for the first time since March of last year.  It was wonderful to be able to connect with church friends in a relaxed atmosphere.  We expect to be able to continue offering coffee hour with pre-packed goodies, and it will increase in time as we want.

Because of the great changes that took place for families and students during this past year, here at the OCC, our Sunday School was not in session, particularly because of health-care restrictions and family needs.  We have begun a conversation with Sunday School helpers, teachers and supporters to begin again.  Our first thought is to offer a “Funday” school activity during worship that will give the kids a place to be and we will begin to incorporate a project or craft or game time.  Please look for invitations and dates as we prepare them.

These are the watch words and tasks of the OCC for the summer and into this fall season.  As fellowship and outreach activities start up again, we will be looking to invite folks to return to church and share in our mission of being Christ’s church in this place.  Thank you so much for your support through this year, and we very much look forward to seeing you again soon!  May God watch over you and your loved ones and bless you with joy in this wonderful time of the year.

Pastor Ken

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