Pastoral Letter

Pastor Ken

Pastoral Letter May 4, 2021

Dear Friends!
Winter is gone, rainy days have come, and the flowers are blooming. We hear in the Song of Songs a love poem that we could be together again. In 6:13 the plea is, “Return, return, that we may look upon you!” In 3:3 we ask, “Have you seen whom my soul loves?” Will we see the face? Will we hear the voice? Peace returns when we can be together again.

It has been a long year because of COVID-19. Our prayers remain for the well-being of so many across the globe struggling with this pandemic. The loss has been great. Here in the Commonwealth, we see guidelines regarding opening up and we remain cautiously optimistic that we may feel more confident returning to church life.

Please take some time to think about what kinds of activities you would feel comfortable with and what they would look like, here at the OCC. For now, we have returned outside for our regular 10:00am Sunday morning worship services. We expanded our Wi-Fi strength so we get a good signal, but the challenges of lighting and sound outside are different than indoors.

Please subscribe to our OCC YouTube channel. You can access our online worship through our webpage very easily. YouTube means that even if you miss worship at 10:00am you can watch it at any future time. Based on your input, we may select a date to do another Zoom Worship so that we can have a Virtual Coffee Hour if that appeals to folks.

Each team and committee and fellowship group will be asking if we feel comfortable to begin meeting again in person. We anticipate discussing the current status of opening the church at this month’s Council meeting. Though we have a few challenges and some work ahead of us to return to a more active OCC schedule of events, with God’s help, and the gift of tender love and care, we look forward to seeing each other face to face again!

Stay safe and may God bless,
Pastor Ken

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